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Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of SMS CRANES in India and exporting to 54 countries


Specialist in manufacturing
Steel Plant Duty Cranes

(M8 Duty)

Federal Engineers specialise in Steel Plant Duty cranes, specifically M8 Duty cranes. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique requirements of steel plants and the demands of M8 Duty operations. Our cranes are designed and built to withstand the harsh environments of steel plants, with high-quality materials, advanced features, and precise engineering. Our M8 Duty cranes are engineered for heavy lifting, precise positioning, and reliable performance, ensuring smooth and efficient operations in steel plants. Trust us for durable, reliable, and high-performing M8 Duty cranes that are tailored to meet your specific steel plant needs

Lifting Solutions

Revolutionise Your Industry with Our Next-Level Crane Solutions

Established in 1973 as a small enterprise, we have grown to become India's leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality cranes. Our specialisation lies in the production of cranes for steel plants, made possible through our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge CNC machines, 3D designing capabilities, and other advanced technologies. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has enabled us to meet our client's diverse and evolve while maintaining the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our operations.

Ladle Handling Crane

These extra heavy-duty cranes play a crucial role in the steel manufacturing process, particularly in transporting and moving ladles containing molten metal. These cranes operate next to the furnace and work in the most extreme conditions seen in a steel plant. The level of heat and dust is the highest in this area, and the cranes have to be specially designed to withstand extreme conditions.


Scrap Charging Cranes

These extra heavy-duty cranes are specifically designed EOT cranes used to feed scrap into the furnace in steel plants. Even though the capacity of the cranes is smaller, they have to be designed with heavy-duty features as their usage is very high. The importance of scrap charging cranes has increased as the capacity of furnaces has increased, as they play a significant role in feeding large amounts of scrap to big furnaces.

Coil Handling Cranes

These extra heavy-duty cranes are essential equipment for transporting, storing, and loading coils in various locations within a steel plant. The coils are transported by these cranes from one process line to another, depending on the various types of finishing processes required for the steel plates. Once all the processes are complete, the coils can be stored either in the factory or in open yards.


Slab Handling Cranes

Extra heavy-duty cranes are a crucial piece of equipment for any steel plant. They are used to transport, store, and load plates in various locations throughout the plant. Depending on the finishing processes required for the steel plates, they are transported by these cranes from one process line to another.



Elevate your industrial operations with Federal Engineers' bespoke crane solutions, designed for efficiency, reliability, and safety.

At Federal Engineers, we believe that we are the best partner for your Steel Plant Duty Crane needs. With our years of experience in designing and manufacturing customised cranes, we can provide solutions that meet your specific requirements. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our cranes are reliable, durable, and efficient. We are committed to complying with industry regulations and delivering cranes that meet high safety standards.


At Federal Engineers


The largest exporter of steel plant duty cranes in India


State-of-the-art CNC
manufacturing facilities


Cranes working successfully
in 54 countries


Capability of manufacturing
up to 300-ton ladle cranes


We're here to help you get lifted in the right direction with your project.

Let's build your lifting solution together - contact us today and let's discuss how Federal Engineers can fulfil your industrial crane needs.

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