• These extra heavy duty cranes are very critical as they are responsible for handling the raw material fed into the furnace.
  • These Heavy Duty EOT Cranes have to be specifically designed for High Speed, Continuous Operations, Harsh Conditions, abnormal lifting forces created by lifting magnets, various types of lifting grabs and many other extreme conditions in a Steel Plant.
  • Gantry or Semi Gantry Cranes with cabins are specially designed for Outdoor Scrap storing yards. These outdoor cranes are designed to withstand all the harsh conditions mentioned above and also harsh weather conditions also.
  • Scrap from Outdoor yards can be transported by Gantry Cranes, Semi Gantry Cranes or Transfer Trolleys.
  • Special Drives, crane Controls and Automation features are used to provide exact accurate positioning of the crane to help the crane operator drastically increase production.
  • Anti–sway devices can be provided for better control and positioning.
  • Non Standard Open Winch type design for very high performance and very low maintenance costs.
  • FEDERAL ENGINEERS continuously strives to provide High Speed, Continuous Operation CRANES with the minimum down-time required for maintenance of the cranes.
  • 40 years of experience of Designing and Manufacturing Customized cranes for STEEL PLANTS.

  • Outdoor Storage yard, Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard GANTRY ( Goliath) cranes
  • Outdoor Storage yard, Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard Semi Gantry cranes
  • Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard EOT cranes
  • Transfer Trolleys

  • Lifting Magnets
  • Hook on Lifting Magnets
  • Grapples, Grab Buckets, Hook on Hydraulic Grabs
  • E-room (panel room with special air conditioners)
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Special Drives, crane Controls and Automation features
  • Eldro type service brakes and Special Emergency brakes

    The cranes used for scrap Handling are designed for Continuous Operations at very high speeds to reduce production time.

    They are very critical for feeding the raw material to the furnace and therefore should have minimum maintenance.

    FEDERAL ENGINEERS has 40 years of exhaustive experience in designing Open Winch type Non Standard Heavy duty cranes for Steel Plants taking into consideration high safety, high performance and very low maintenance time.

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