At FEDERAL ENGINEERS we realise the importance of ensuring the cranes we manufacture are operational in the shortest time frame and continuously run at capacity. To this end we offer our clients services in Erectioning, Commisioning and Spares.

  • FEDERAL ENGINEERS has dedicated teams who have years of exhaustive experience in the erection of the cranes at site.
  • FEDERAL ENGINEERS has developed a unique Production technique which ensures that the erection of the crane can be finished in between 3 to 7 days. This technique has helped us finish huge projects in record time.
  • For exports, we can provide to send our team, however it is preferable and cheaper to get the erectioning done by a local company and have one engineer of FEDERAL ENGINEERS for commissioning only.

  • Separate team of engineers who have years of exhaustive experience for commissioning of cranes and are trained to handle both electrical and mechanical commissioning of cranes.
  • Team created for both Indian and Export projects.
  • FEDERAL ENGINEERS has pioneered methods where 100% of the work is done in our factories. Due to our innovative methods our own site engineers can complete a crane commissioning in 5-7 days.

  • We have formed a separate sister concern which specializes only in spares.
  • Our crane designs require very less spares (mostly wear and tear items). For more details, please contact us at