The table below has behind it our years of experience and adherence to the highest standards. We hope it helps in your assessing the right crane for your requirements.



App No. of Hours in Service per day

Recommended Duty Class as per IS:3177

  E.O.T Cranes for Power House 2 - 3 I Light  
  E.O.T Cranes for Workshop, Maintenance, General Engg. & Fabrication 4 - 5 II Medium Duty  
  E.O.T Goliath Cranes for Mini Steel Plants, Heavy Engg. Shops, Foundries & Storage Yards 6 - 7 III Heavy Duty  
  E.O.T Grabbing Goliath Cranes for Steel Plants, Grabbing Operations & Open Yard Storage 8 - 10 IV Extra Heavy Duty  
  Special Purpose Ladle Handling & Molten Metal Handling Continuous IV Extra Heavy Duty as per IS:4137