FEDERAL ENGINEERS with its experience of Designing and Manufacturing Customized cranes, with the minimum down-time required for maintenance, has provided innovative & customized lifting solutions that meet the demanding specifications of the Heavy Industry's Continuous Operations.

    FEDERAL ENGINEERS lifting solutions for Heavy Industry Continuous Operations feature:

  • Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 Heavy Duty Cranes for Continuous Operations and Heavy Usage in Heavy Machining, Fabrication and Other Heavy Industries
  • Very High Factors used in Designing. Factors used by Federal are Higher than required by IS
  • Motor and Gearbox Ratings for 12–22 Hours per day Continuous Operations, depending on Clients Requirements
  • Cranes Designed to withstand Extreme Conditions of heat, dust and continuous use
  • Open Winch Type Design giving Advantages of easier and cheaper maintenance
  • Wear and Tear Parts easily available
  • Crane Custom Built according to Clients Requirement
  • Cranes have a Life Span of over 35 Years
  • For more details on our designs, safety and other special features of FEDERAL CRANES, please contact us at info@federalengineers.com
  • Or tell us your requirement - select a crane to suit your requirements by filling a detailed specifications form.